Backup Android Apps without Root


    Backups are immensely helpful, especially when we are talking about rooting android phones. Your mobile always consists of data some of which is personal while other is related to your business and backing up your data was never so easy and efficient without contacting professionals if android apps are not developed.

    If you are using a smartphone and you desire it to upgrade its operating system to latest OS updates or gaining root access for your phone, you are able to enjoy it through rooting your android phone and this is mandatory in some cases as well.

    Losing anything among your data can be costly or resulting in disasters for your business, and for this reason, android tools are available for it.

    You might are using android apps for entertainment purpose or remain in touch with your closest buddies, but many are unaware of the backup android apps. Android restoring tools serve in a similar way and help you get back your data which can be lost while rooting process.

    Smartphone users are especially aware of the android apps, however, for making the rooting process simple and help you storing and backing up your data without taking help from the professionals, a list of apps are added here along with their features to help you from initiation till the end.

    Helium for Backing up Android apps yourself

    Helium deserves to be on the top as it is not easy and simple to operate in fact it works for nearly all kind of smartphones excluding Motorola devices. OS system in your smartphone is not only efficient and respond rapidly to your commands, in fact, it works best for restoring and backing up data as well, which is at risk when rooting up.

    Rooting up precautions and process can be checked by clicking here, but there is always a risk of failure and therefore helium is ideal for storing all your applications and data. Generally, there is a backup schedule and it automatically stores your data. Clear notifications appear on the screen when using this application and helping you analyze USB debugging and other operations.

    How to Backup Android Apps without Root using helium

    1. Check out if you’re smartphone is compatible with this application as helium does seem to work with all excluding Motorola phones.
    2. Download and install helium on your phone.
    3. This is time for USB debugging and it does require you going to your phone settings and enabling USB debugging.
    4. Once this is done successfully, install drivers which ensure helium can work like a pro.
    5. You must verify and check if your device is working appropriately with installed drivers as there are different drivers available for different brands of phones.
    6. If you have a premium account of helium you are able to select online backup, otherwise, you can do it offline.
    7. The data backup process has just started between PC and helium, once after verification of drivers, you have connected your mobile to laptop or PC.
    8. It is time for selecting up apps you desire for backing up. Once done select ok and now leave it to helium.

    Restoring procedure using Helium tool

    • ‘Run helium app.
    • You will see restore written on the screen, tap it and select the storage type, options include data back up or full back up.
    • Select the apps you are interested in backing up.
    • After selecting the apps, click restore and restoring will start automatically.

    Now you have backup your Android apps and you are able to utilize them anytime. In case of any further question or any difficulty, you can always contact us. Share your experience in the comment section below and we would love to hear about your experience.


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