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If you are still unaware of the chrome extensions, you might have felt any difference while switching browsers. However, for those who love to feel comfortable or enjoy any specific features, chrome extensions are a gift for them. To tell the truth, chrome users are so addicted to it, and seem to enjoy more work in an effortless manner due to these tools! Additionally, either you are interested in enjoying your projector for entertainment purpose, these powerful tools, amazingly carry out their job.

Here are some top extensions, which you should consider for your chrome:

10 Awesome Chrome Extensions You Should Install:

Check out these useful extensions and enjoy your time, while using chrome:

  1. Adblock plus


Whether a one is looking for a security tool or protection against clumsy ads, this chrome extension is much more than simple ad blocker!

  • In all honesty, if you may feel “lack of speed”, while web browsing, this extension is helpful in this regard.
  • Fed up with annoying ads, or they are slowing down your work speed, you can now get rid of them, through getting it.
  • Additionally, Adblock plus, secure your computer against “malware” and “various viruses”. (i.e through preventing fake ads coming up).
  • Specifically, no more work troubles, keeping sidebars free from ads. (Personally, before getting it, I used to stick various times, because of the advertisements).
  1. Speed dial 2

Now, speed up your browsing speed and enjoy amazing tab using this chrome extension. Specifically, this list is incomplete without this one on the list! You might have access to such tab before, but the websites keep changing, however now you can control all of it.

  • A pretty tab with your favorites websites
  • Professional and amazingly designed, different from fancy tabs.
  • “One of the friendliest” extension out there.
  • You are not limited to use it only on the laptop or PC.
  • Personalization
  1. Browsec

Either you need different locations for work or entertainment purpose, this extension is for you. I simply love it, due to its reliability and user-friendly nature. You may need this:

  • As a matter of fact, you can get any country IP, without getting the premium account.
  • It doesn’t slow or interferes, “with your internet speed”.
  • It actually provides the working id, which is not detected by websites.
  • Even though, if you forgot to change the IP, at startup, it still provides the same country IP.
  1. Lazarus

Besides this, if you ever press the back button accidentally, while working on the browser, no need to worry! With Lazarus, this extension is amazingly beneficial for personal or work use. To tell the truth, an online work or form may take your hours and lose it can be really annoying. This free, yet powerful tool is helpful as it saves down your work automatically.

  1. MOZ

Notable, it is a gift for link builders and SEO persons. Wondering why? The biggest challenge face while working on websites, that does them worth your time or effort? This is usually decided by various factors, and they are shown up by this extension:

  • It shows “DA” (i.e domain authority) of the websites.
  • Page rank is also available.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Make your free account and start working.
  • No extra work required, as it shows up these details on the top of the page.

  1. HTTPS everywhere

As a matter of fact, this extension is available to provide protection against many issues and frauds. It is known, that websites with the source, “https”, is known to provide pretension and security, however, if you visit a site with “HTTP”, it is not fully secure. This problem is no longer there, with the availability of HTTPS everywhere.

  1. Disconnect

Indeed, if you are looking for a privacy extension, this is the one. Most of the time, users are interested in ensuring, that their data is not available to the website they visit. In other words, this chrome extension, disconnect this path route and “helps you keep your data private”. You can still enjoy, “fast browsing speed”, “secure browsing” and “locking up your personal data”.

  1. Save To Pocket

Not to mention, but if you are not aware of this chrome tool, still you now have an idea with a name! If you love to read articles or improve your information, get this one right now.

  • It helps you read your favorite articles and content online!
  • Well, no restriction on a number of storage articles and stories.
  • By the same token, you are free to star up any specific content, or give it a different name in your “offline library”.

  1. Pixlr

Namely, this chrome extension is for graphic designers and web designers. As it is free, you can even use it for personal use, as you may need to edit photographs and images. Specifically, if you are “social media lover”, you may need to edit images, after getting them online, and this app allows you to do that.

  1. Google Dictionary

Admittedly, it is a great tool to prevent your work disturbances, while improves your vocabulary as well. Either, you are preparing your, “college worksheet” or “office project”, you may need to know the meaning of various words. To tell the truth, there is no need to open another window for this, as after this extension, simply double-click the word, and Google will show the meaning of it right away!

There are a lot more than these extensions. You are free to share your favorite extension and any reviews!


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