How to Enable Flash in Chrome – Change Site Permissions


If you are familiar with Google Chrome or use it on daily basis; then you must know the flash is off by default. Specifically, there are times, when a message or window pops up with “install or enable flash for videos”. Due to its powerful functioning, it is already well known, but for those unaware of it, you can take it as a tool or software, which allows videos and other multimedia to play on your browser.

As a matter of fact, you may not come across this message, if you are using limited websites. Some of the websites still need this tool to allow animations and other audios, to play on. But most of the sites out there don’t really need it!

Enabling Flash for Google Chrome:

In case you get stuck or you really need to open a website, here is a complete procedure to help you access the source. To tell the truth, most of the times, you need a website to complete your project or for some specific reason. With regards to this, you may come across various articles of some sort, but here is an updated method to save your effort and time.

Let’s have a look:

1-  Open a tab with chrome://flags or type it for access.

Enable Flash in Chrome

2-  Before going further, ensure, *Default: Prefer HTML over Flash. Run all Flash content when Flash setting is set to “allow”

3-  Along with this, Open another tab with chrome://components.Enable Flash in Chrome

4-  Now select, “Check for update”. now wait for it to finish

Enable Flash in Chrome

5-  In a like manner, click on the Chrome menu button at the top-right.

6-  And then on “Settings”.

7-  Now look down for, “show advanced settings”.

8-  Similarly, look out for “content settings” under privacy.

9-  You may now see various dialogs, but look out for “flash heading”.

10-  Specifically, ensure that “Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash” (recommended)is selected.

*don’t choose, “allow sites to run flash”, to avoid worries later!

Well, you are done with the pain part or specifically the hard one. It’s time to allow flash for specific sites:

  • Look out for content settings-flash.
  • Besides this select, “manage exceptions”.
  • Now add each site URL’s, you are interested, in allowing flash for them.
  • *behavior must be set to “allow”.

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How to set behavior?

Open your desired website. Look out for tiny icon on the left and select it. Now select “flash” and it will always work on this site. Specifically, this is helpful in the updated versions of the chrome as well, where default doesn’t seem to work.

Now you can enjoy your work or entertainment as you are done with it. Hopefully, it has worked for you. don’t forget to share your experience and reviews.


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