How to Make Mobile as TV Remote Control?


Interested in turning your Smartphone into TV remote? Or looking for a way to reduce clutter on your coffee table? Or tired of looking for TV remote? Now avoid all such disturbance (i.e through connecting your phone with TV). As soon as, remotes are invented, they have made life easier. They become even more favorable when they become wireless.

Now here are some apps added, which makes your phone universal remote. There is no need to have individual controlling devices. Follow this simple way and see the magic:

How to control your TV without TV remote?

Get Remote control apps

Most of the phones are now coming up with built IR Blasters.

Open “google play” on your phone and search for Android TV remote control apps.

Some of the favorite apps for the purpose are as follows;

  1. Google cast
  2. Rocu
  3. Twinone IR remote
  4. unified Remote
  • Once found, select it and tap on it.
  • You will see your TV listed there, select it.
  • Now add a pin on your mobile, which appears on the TV screen.
  • Now select “pair”.

Now start controlling your TV with your phone.

Look out for…..

  • Your TV and android phone need to share the same wireless connection.
  • Your phone needs to be equipped with IR blaster.
  • You may be able to other devices as well, through this process.

What, if your phone is not having IR blaster?

Well, you are always able to do this, even if your phone does not have IR blaster. These are apps available in the “play store”. You need to have one, which is compatible with your device. Although you are not able to have such a control over your TV, still you are able to cast videos and other actions.


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