How to Pair Sixaxis Controller With Android


Topic: “Pair Sixaxis Controller With Android“. Playing your mobile games can be hectic sometimes, due to the on-screen controller. Playing each level again and again can be frustrating. Similarly, this is same for tablet games and apps as well.

Moreover, you can now say goodbye to your phone controller. This is no longer a dream and it is not a hard process. If you are thinking about getting the latest play station or making any bigger expense for that, it is not required.

How to Connect a PS3 Controller to the Android phone:

You just need to get an android application, and you can play your favorite, exciting Android games through easy controls. Of course, you need something more, that is play station 3 or upgraded model. The process can be done by you as well. On the other hand, you don’t need any expert for that; however, you need to follow the process. Before going further you need to.

Check compatibility:

It is important to save your time and money later. Android application is not free; therefore you need to look for, this worth your money.

Many android devices don’t work with this application but, you can check it now though:

  • Open Google play store and Download the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker application used for this purpose.
  • Once done, install the app and close the play store.
  • Likewise, now run the app, and it will show if your device is compatible with the android application or not.

It’s the Time to Pairing!

It’s the time to spend some cost, i.e up to “$2.50” for getting Sixaxis application. Follow the process:

  • Download Sixaxis application from the play store.
  • Equally important, it’s time to get your “Bluetooth address”.
  • For new users, locate this address in the settings, about phone and status and you will get a strange number that is your Bluetooth address.
  • Open your new application on the phone.
  • Now connect the controller to the PC using USB.
  • If this is done right, the app will show the MAC address of the device.
  • Enter your phone Bluetooth address.
  • Now press the power button on the controller.
  • Single line ensures that process is successful.

Things to Look for the Process

For the purpose of ease, arrange these things:

Your android phone

USB and USB cable

Windows PC

Play station 3 controller

Google play account.

Now start playing

As a matter of fact, you are just a click away from your favorite game.

  • Download six axis controller app.
  • Once done, select “change input method” button
  • Select six axis controller
  • With this in mind, you are now ready to get more excitement and adventure.

Follow the trick and play your favorite apps now!


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