Update Moto 360 2nd Gen | Android 2.0 Firmware


Topic: “Update Moto 360 2nd Gen“. Having your own smartwatch, from Moto, but facing performance issues? Or are you rocking with your watch, but love to see it in more action?

Actually, like other devices become amazing after the update, you might love to enjoy it your moto 360 as well.

What exactly makes the news rocking to the smartwatch users? Unlike luxury watches, moto 360 gain quick popularity, due to its music playback and other features. To tell the truth, the watch is loved for its health pros as well.

Wondering, when will your watch get an update, or perform even better? As the rocking news came along, that you can now hit your device with the latest update “to android wear 2.0, firmware”. It was totally exciting for the users, who love to enjoy new updates. Moreover, like the previous updates, the device seems to become more comfortable and better.

The first generation, users seem to love it, as it never let them become bored. Besides this, they always have something to explore, not possible on a luxury watch. Additionally, “a single tap of a finger, and a whole new world to enjoy and explore”, seems to better describe this watch.

If you have got, moto 360 watch, you can even plan your trips better, as several apps are available for weather tracking.

Now, going towards this update, the whole process is now available here. You can follow it yourself, but don’t panic at any point….

How to Update Moto 360 2nd gen to Android wear 2.0 firmware?

Looking back, users at different platforms, complain about getting no update on this watch. Therefore, it seems to be the biggest update. You can now carry it out yourself. Meanwhile, I would recommend, going through the process, twice and before starting, you must be aware of it:

  • Have your smartwatch in front of you.
  • Go to its “settings”, and “turn on the Wi-Fi”.
  • Look for the wifi connection available, i.e (location nearby) and connect it.
  • Ensure it is continuous, and fast enough, for downloading.
  • Once again, go to the “settings”.
  • Turn off your “Bluetooth”.
  • You can do it from the main menu as well.
  • Moreover, it’s the time to look out for your watch power.
  • Check the charging of the watch, if it is 85%-100%, it is ready to go.
  • Besides this, if it is less, do let it charge to up to, 85%.
  • Press the “crown button”, on the side of your watch.
  • Also, enable the main watch screen, while it is charging.
  • Again, go to settings and “about”
  • Select “software updates” on your watch.
  • When it’s done, you will be promoted to green screen and it will indicate and show, the system is up to date.

Look out for….

What is more exciting, the update is available for all. Furthermore, it is as simple as a tap of a finger, if you have understood the process. Don’t freak out, as basic requirements for the process are simpler.

Even, if you don’t see update option on your watch, you can still enjoy it. Especially, look out for, “you must have your smartwatch”, “it must be charged p to 85 %”, “wifi connection needs to be fast and nearby”, “an android phone, connected with moto 360”, and definitely” understanding with the process”.


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